Which Coffee Machine?


Which coffee machine should I buy?

We understand that trying to choose the right coffee machine for the home or office can be a daunting task and because the machines are not the cheapest item in your kitchen you want the decision to be spot on so that you can enjoy that first Cappuccino with a smile!

So we put together this helpful guide to help you choose the perfect coffee machine for you.

Everyone is different.

The first rule is to remember that everyone has their own tastes and when it comes to coffee lovers they really do have very strong opinions about which machine is the very best out there.  However, while everyone dreams of that perfect Espresso it really comes down to personal taste as to which machine would suite you best.

Espresso or Bean to Cup?

Would you like a new hobby?  If so then the best machine to opt for is the Espresso Coffee Maker, as these machines really do rely on the barista skills of the owner to get the best drink.  Espresso machines can take time to get used to, with often comical results with the first few coffee's.  Accessories are always important and before long you will find yourself browsing around for coffee tampers, milkk jugs and maybe even a bottomless portafilter.  

The world of the Espresso machine is a rich and wonderful place to be and when you perfect micro bubbles in your froth it really does reward you with a great sense of achievement, but this world is not for everyone...

If you simply want to enjoy a really good cup of coffee, served to perfection time and time again by a super stylish machine that even reminds you it needs a clean, then the Bean to Cup is the way to go.  

There is a wonderful and varied array of options with a Bean to Cup machine and each machine has its own pro's and con's.  The best question to ask yourself is what drinks do I want from my machine?  If the answer is a complicated milk drink with froth to be proud of then you would need to look into the higher end of the Bean to Cup Machines on offer, some will make you a Cappuccino with just one push of the button, it really could not be easier!

So have a look around CoffeeLogic, if you need any help at all with any item in the store or really could use some general advice just drop us an email or call our freephone number and a member of the team will help you out.


Good luck and thank you for visiting us!

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